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Lupine Butterfly (Kids)

Lupine Butterfly (Kids)

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Bring back the butterflies! 

Endangered species like the Fender's Blue butterfly are coming back from the brink because of conservation efforts to restore Upland Prairie ecosystems – just like the one at our farm! 

These butterflies rely on wild Lupine, and their remarkable resemblance to these flowers inspired this design. 

A percentage of each sale helps support land conservation and restoration efforts to protect these fragile and vanishing ecosystems – thank you! 

These soft, ethically and sustainably produced shirts were designed by us, and printed by our partner in France.

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We've restored and conserved over 20 acres of native prairie and woodland, and we're just getting started!

  • Vanishing Habitats

    Development has erased countless acres of Oregon's native ecosystems – ecosystems which support wildlife and keep the planet healthy. We're working to change that!

  • Save the bees!

    In 2021 we hand-seeded nearly 15 acres of prairie and woodland with native wildflowers. Not only do they look beautiful, they're good for the pollinators that keep the world alive!